You’re Anonymous, Coward

You’re Anonymous, Coward

Employing legitimate reason is hard work. It isn’t natural–we aren’t born with it. Even someone who is has some basic sense and experience at reasoning out moderately involved things can easily be tricked by a smooth talker or an idiot who spouts any number of logical fallacies. These tricks have names and descriptions and histories because they work on the weak-minded. And because they’re lies masquerading as reason, the guilty parties are convinced they are smarter and more righteous than the person they just hit with one. Basically they’re redditors.

Everything below is routinely leveled against me. None of the statements are arguments. They are the words of intellectual cowards avoiding the real arguments from Scripture that I lay out clearly. They know most people are intellectually lazy at best, and easily persuaded by these sorts of deceptions. Don’t be one of them.

By employing these deceptive rhetorical tricks, they are able to feign involvement in the discussion without spending one second addressing the substance of any argument. Attack, attack, attack the speaker. Appeal to the crowd. Not once in my five years of writing have I ever had someone who hated what I said make a shred of effort to dismantle the arguments from Scripture that they so dearly need you to believe are in error. They are the worst sort of cowards. (Hi Don Stein, you rootless cosmopolitan viper.)

I have no credentials. I have no theological training. I don’t know Greek.

I have the Bible, the Confessions, and I know how to do basic research.

If you read what I write, and conclude that I don’t have any theological aptitude, spiritual discernment, or the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then I have no desire to convince you otherwise.

Pretending that having my name changes anything puts you in the same camp as the literal ravenous atheists, witches, child molesters, and terrorists who have spent years trying to dox me. Congratulations on your own spiritual discernment and the company you keep. Please stand over by them on Judgment Day. The one and only reason to dox me is to punish me. For what? For saying something Scriptural that they are incapable of refuting. Face the arguments themselves; refute those. The man making them is utterly irrelevant. Only liars claim otherwise, and the father of lies thank them for their service.

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