Why I left Gab

Why I left Gab

The Backstory

I’d been on Gab since 2017 or so. At first it was just a backup to reverify my banned twitter accounts. It was a dead backwater at the time so there wasn’t much point in doing what I aim to do on social media. I was actually in the middle of DMing with frogwave on Gab when the Pittsburgh thing happened. Without saying a word, we both deleted our accounts on the spot. It was clear being on Gab that day was nothing but a ticket to the front of the line with the Feds.

Fast forward to J21. My final twitter account didn’t get banned in the purge, but it was shadowbanned to hell and back, despite zero strikes, so I knew my days were numbered. I tried my old Gab login and found that–surprise, surprise–my account hadn’t been deleted. But Gab had since removed the ability to rename accounts. Since I’d rebranded a few times, and since I had no following, I just rerolled on Gab and cross-linked the accounts in anticipation of the inevitable.

I had been going hard for months at some wolves within my own denomination who showed their true nature through a series of increasingly brazen denials of the Faith. A coven from one subset colluded to mass-report my account, which was banned in a late February purge, despite never having a single strike against it. Whatever, everything ends. So I started up on Gab where I left off on twitter.

The good times roll

It was great to reconnect with old friends and make a bunch of new ones. At some point while I was gone, Gab had become what twitter once was for the right: a place where everybody could talk without recrimination or silencing (or so it appeared.) I quickly rebuilt a great following of active people and had a chance to boost some other great accounts. Life without shadowbanning was a revelation after years of being buried. I decided that Gab was going to be my final stop on social media. By May, I was 100% into Gab, so much so that I decided to “go pro” to the tune of $500 for the lifetime membership. A hundred bucks a year for “pro” is a complete ripoff. But I wanted to support a platform in which I believed and had confidence. So I pulled the trigger, and kept on posting.

The turn

Things on Gab took a radical turn in November/December 2021. Torba suddenly poured on the gas with visions of Gab becoming the GOP king-maker. Overnight, all the politicians we all called faggots and traitors were somehow a hot commodity. The blatant grifter granny tranny from Arizona was suddenly as hot as catturd on the Explore tab. Of course the difference between the userbase and Torba was simple: politicians weren’t paying us, but it took a while for all the pieces to reveal themselves fully.

At the same time, Torba and some senior Gab employees openly turned against the heart and soul of Gab: the shitpoaster kings. #nicecrew and adjacent posters–who were by far the funniest, most creative, most engaged people on the platform–correctly pointed out the malicious retardation of Torba’s scheme to not only support a drug-addicted sodomite’s child-grooming grift machine, but to pay the little twink $20,000 for the privilege of him publicly calling Torba a friend.

Over the next three months, it became clear that another extremely well-connected, drug-addicted sodomite with deep ties to numerous politicians had been orchestrating this entire set piece. The very same posters Gab stabbed in the back went to work laying bare just how corrupt and moronic the scheme and its players were. Torba had been lead around on a leash at every step of this descent into humiliating failure. On command, he had alienated the best people on his platform for the sake of the man who groomed him to be a political pawn, and not one that would make it to the endgame.

The river

As I posted at the time, even though it had become clear that Gab was enemy-controlled territory, I still thought it could be a productive place to post about things that mattered to me. That fantasy collapsed for good through a rapid series of recent events.

First, it became public knowledge that a third drug-addicted sodomite was a key part of Gab. This time, it was Torba’s own brother, whom he decided to make a jannie. This came out when Gab began aggressively censoring entirely legal anti-sodomite posts. Trevor and his crew along with #nicecrew exposed yet another kiddie-diddler. It’s one thing for the CEO of a company to be a tool. It is another thing entirely for him to expose his userbase’s most sensitive personal information to this sort of twisted, evil person.

Second, Tyler Dinsmoor was arrested in large part for posting on Gab. Despite being the poster child in every way for the very “parallel economy” Torba had been crowing about, Torba remained completely silent throughout Tyler’s horrific ordeal. The same man who would cheerfully give $20,000 to a drug-addicted sodomite who happens to be a millionaire couldn’t be bothered to even acknowledge the fundraiser to bail out and defend a Christian small business owner whose family faced immediate and potentially life-destroying peril.

I went to bed a couple days after Tyler’s arrest having decided to delete my account. I planned to stop posting and give myself a cooling off period of at least a week, in case I found some reason to stay. My reasons were very simple: I no longer trusted Torba or Gab as a platform, and if you lose my trust, you are dead to me. It also weighed heavily on my conscience how often people told me my account was one of the only reasons they stayed on Gab. Watching Torba prove himself to be the griftard that Trevor had always claimed made my remaining there untenable, if it incentivized even one other person to remain too.

When I woke up the following morning, I checked Gab. The first thing I saw was a Torba post about catturd bitching that TruthSocial had censored him. Torba was a pig in shit, just soaking up the glory of being the only Free Speech social media site on the internet (as long as you don’t badmouth sodomites).

My account was gone ten minutes later.

It was worth losing $500, 7,200 followers, and everything I had ever posted, just to no longer be associated in any way with Gab. I know of at least a dozen people who sympathetically deleted without me saying a word. I hope there were and will be many more, but everybody has to play the game his own way.

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