The Horrors of Man

The Horrors of Man

Looking at the horrors we're exposed to from every corner of the world, it's easy to question what constitutes humanity. There's no arguing we witness wildly inhuman & inhumane acts on at least a weekly basis, by people of every race. Christians are called to love and spread the Gospel to every Nation (race) on Earth. That doesn't translate into shipping them around like exotic decorations. But we can't hate them. Where does that leave someone who believes both the Bible and his own eyes?

I personally struggled with this for some time. I couldn't look at Chinese barbecuing live dogs, or Africans skinning elephants alive, or Indian rape gangs, & see any evidence whatsoever of a soul. I saw only a black crater where conscience & humanity should be. If these people were also created with souls, why do we see only callous evil & abuse of every part of nature around them? Whatever good & wholesome things may exist in these places are irrelevant when they're plumbing the depths of Hell a few doors down.

But the Bible says they have souls, so they do. Whatever is going on here is something else. Race realism is fine, but I don't think genetics can explain the appallingly stark contrast either. Wherever this barbarism is coming from, it has another source.

So let's turn the same critical gaze to Christendom. What do we find? Storage lockers full of human body parts. Industrial-scale baby sacrifice. Routine mass murder of strangers simply because they're there. It's every bit as horrifyingly evil as anything in the third world. And the race of the perpetrators or those who influenced them is irrelevant. These people live in our house, and they used to behave. Now they're set free to do these things. And we're right there with them doing the same things. The per capita stats are immaterial in this context.

If we Whites were half as good as we pretend, none of this barbarism would ever have gone as far as it has. And we wouldn't feel powerless to stop what is clearly an exponentially increasing evil in our own lands. We're looking around in shock & asking "how can this happen here?" Race realism aside, what is the one fundamental difference between the West & the rest of the planet?

We used to be Christendom.

For the better part of the last fifteen centuries, Europeans were overwhelmingly and devoutly Christian, and everywhere else overwhelmingly was pagan. All the wars, all the bad things switched to being done by Christians instead of being done by pagans. But all the good things, all the beautiful things, all the noble traditions were upheld by Christians too. Virtually everything we celebrate today came from Christendom. And in the past century or so, we've systematically thrown it all away.

People have abandoned their faith in a tsunami of apostasy & apathy. Church attendance is sinking like a rock across denominations. It's surprising today to find out someone you know is a Christian, in a country we built. The ambient Christian morality that kept so much evil at bay has been almost completely extinguished, replaced with relativistic platitudes & bad case law.

That was the thing about Christendom: the rules & expectations were so deeply ingrained in every corner of life & culture that you didn't actually have to be Christian to enjoy the fruits. Crime rates & all the rest don't discriminate based on faith. It's good or bad for all. So as the last couple generations quit caring about what Scripture teaches, and eventually quit even pretending to be Christian, the system that had been built in the image of those values continued to coast for a while just on built-up momentum.

But the same demonic forces that eroded the influence of Christianity to this point have been hard at work in every other facet of our civilization, and that momentum is nearly spent. The last generation has lived in this weird scifi reality where none of the stuff that built your world was still around. The foundation had been knocked out, but the shell was still visible, and we thought that shell was the whole world. That façade is now collapsing as well.

So you understandably think, "I'm not a Christian & I'm still a good person, just like lots of other good people who weren't either. I don't need any of that." But the world you inherited used to be, and that's where its residual goodness came from–invisibly to you. So today we see demons cuddling with 4 year olds in public libraries; we find buckets of genitals in the desert; we see hatred & malice we can't even comprehend directed at us, and we ask incredulously where did this come from?

The horrors of modernity in the West came from rejecting the one thing that truly differentiates us from China, Africa, & India: Christ

We left God a long time ago, and now it looks like God will leave us to reap the rewards of our new master. You see his servants all around. Now I'm not saying believe in Jesus to own the libs. I'm simply telling you that you are now living in a world that rejected Him. So when you recoil at this demonic horror show, know that your heart is crying out for God even if your mind doesn't know it.

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