Stick Together No Matter What?

Stick Together No Matter What?

Gab is nearly the only place where anyone can find uncensored, factual arguments against the government injections, their origins, & their proponents. Everyone who has paid a shred of attention knows that the untested injections with secret contents are widely crippling & killing people. So at the end of July when Andrew Torba posted the religious exemption packet, it was the culmination of a year's worth of growing understanding on Gab at the deadly evil behind these injections.

Andrew's post generated a massive amount of mainstream attention both to the subject of religious objections, and to the fact that Gab is a hotbed of uncensored animosity towards the government injections. Overnight the demons began churning out articles about how bad is the very concept of religious exemptions, and about how deadly is the uncensored flow of unapproved medical information. Gab was put in the national spotlight in order to put it in the national crosshairs: we were upgraded from international nuisance to international threat.

Subsequent to that flurry at the start of August, the opinion on Gab seemed overwhelmingly against the injections under any circumstances & at any cost. New users were flocking here specifically to learn the truth. There was a feeling of energy & solidarity. We didn't know what the Adversary's next move was, but we were all telling each other we would stick together no matter what. And it felt great. Let CNN cope & seethe. Let Redditors stroke out as they receive their fifth bootleg jab for maximum protection. If blabbers stand apart from the world, at least we stand together.

The first crack in that wall of resistance came around a month ago when John Rivers really amped up the pro-injection shilling. He has a popular account, and is generally seen as /our guy/. So people felt like they had to account for his dissent. Some people accused him of being a paid shill. Whether or not John is being paid, it is absolutely something that is happening all over social media on this very issue. The whole thing died down after a few days, and most people landed somewhere around, "I disagree, but I respect him, and it's not hurting anyone."

Then last Friday, Boston Dave lobbed a flashbang into our livingrooms: he hates the injections, but he'll lose his job & his house if he doesn't cave, so he did his research and he's going to get the J&J because it doesn't have the heart side effects. This went over about as well as an Amish kid announcing to his parents that he's homosexual. A couple hours later, while everyone was still freaking out, Dave posts "I'm sorry" along with a picture of his completed Moderna injection card.

And this was the moment when everything came apart.

With two posts, one guy precipitated the complete destruction of the illusion that blabbers were unified at all. Suddenly there were two diametrically opposed sides shouting exactly the same thing at each other across a flaming ditch:

"Stick Together No Matter What!"

What everyone thought was some sort of unifying principle turned out to mean radically different things to different people. And those people were necessarily at each other's throats.

On one side, solidarity means nobody caves to the injection propaganda or coercion. That side can rightly rejoice today at Southwest's troubles with the injection mandate-induced sickout. When anyone breaks ranks, it necessarily weakens the entire group. It's much more than merely one fewer person. It's a public example of the weakest impulse that lurks somewhere inside everyone. And it raises the question whether everyone else is about to break ranks too, and you'll be left alone. Armies shoot deserters on the spot for a reason. These people shout across the flaming ditch, "traitor!"

On the other side, solidarity means "we're friends no matter what you do." All we have is each other in a time when having anyone to stand with you it becoming a luxury. Whites are a tiny global minority. Redpilled Whites are a tiny minority within that group. And people in that set who have managed to find each other and form any sort of relationship are the rarest in the bunch. We can't afford to lose people, especially over small personal matters that have arguably no impact on anyone else's lives. These people shout across the flaming ditch, "purity spiraler!"

The underlying fear driving both groups is also the same: fear of isolation. Human beings were created by God as social creatures. Even on the introvert-extrovert scale, there is no zero point. Any human completely isolated from others for extended periods loses his mind & ceases to even be fully human. We all want whatever contact we have to be peaceful & friendly. And even introverts have a desire to belong to groups, just small, quiet ones. Without some feeling of belonging with other people, something vital is missing & we suffer for want of it.

Whites have been systematically isolated from our natural in-groups for well over a century. Cities have long been seen as the place to go "to make a career" and earn lots more money. That necessarily entails abandoning one's family roots in a place where they've perhaps lived for centuries. In America, the social pressure has long been present to walk back from one's German, Irish, etc. roots, leaving behind language, customs, & values. And with the collapse of Christendom, the Church family disappeared from the vast majority of lives too.

In place of those natural in-groups, we were handed artificial groups like local sports teams, or maybe something less flashy like a certain kind of music, or some other hobby. With the rise of the internet, the groups get even more specialized & niche. Further afield from hobby groups like tabletop gaming you reach the purely meme groups, where everybody uses similar avis and calls each other "fren."

There is nothing wrong with any of those groups (yes, even sports per se). They're fun, they can be supportive, and they scratch our social itch. But the inherent instability that we all instinctively feel is that if  your social identity in-group is based entirely around some personal taste, or even which style of frog avatar you chose (there really was a "war" among Groypers, Marvs, & Apus), then your group membership is based on fitting in, and not on who you inherently are.

So we've all naturally retreated from exclusively bonding within those microgroups. People want to get back to basics that operate at an immutable level. For civnats, that's "American." For race realists, that's White. For a subset of Christians, it's Faith first, all the rest second. We're all looking for that inflection point of identity where–come Hell or high water–nobody can take it from us.

Unions revile scabs who cross picket lines, often with fists & clubs. Snitches in gangs & prison have short lifespans. Armies throughout time execute men who turn & flee while others fight. All of these are for the same reason: the strength of the group is drawn directly from loyalty to the group. These groups will fight to the death to protect the individual, not because of who he is as an individual, but because he is part of the group.

And here's what blew up: a lot of people (myself included) thought that unwavering resistance to globohomo tyranny was an immutable property that bound us together. In the span of 72 hours, it has become completely normal on Gab for the most right-wing accounts you can find to say things that amount to "everyone has his price, you can't judge another man for deciding what his price is." The wall of resistance has been obliterated, and replaced with a wall of kumbaya.

All of this comes down to one's personal principles. If your highest principle is preserving group cohesion, congratulations, you're a girl. If your highest principle is the lines you won't cross no matter the price, congratulations, you're not a whore. Group cohesion is broken by the man who betrays the group, not the man who calls him out for it.

2022 is going to be far worse than 2021. We're going to see things few could imagine even a few years ago. If someone who knows better has already caved on the small stuff, he absolutely cannot be trusted when the stakes go way beyond a steady paycheck. If you place friendship above the good of the group, you're going to get killed, and you're going to take everyone you're responsible for with you.

These are ugly, nasty conversations about ugly, nasty subjects, with ugly, nasty consequences. These are matters for men. You can figure this out before it's too late, or after. But you will either learn these lessons, or die as a lesson to others. Time is rapidly running out for you to choose.

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