Cognosce Veritatem

Cognosce Veritatem

Cognosce Veritatem: Latin, 2nd person singular imperative, "[you the hearer are commanded to] know the truth."

God is Truth. Satan is the father of lies. These Scriptural facts are not constrained to the confines of theology. To speak truthfully of Creation is to confess the Creator. To lie to one another or to deny Creation is to serve Satan. There is no middle ground.

This is a place for me to speak truthfully on matters where others remain silent or lie. Most of what you'll read here you probably haven't heard before. Some of it will probably anger you. That's the point. There's little value in one more voice repeating the same things we've all heard a thousand times. There is tremendous value in someone shining a light on the neglected parts of Scripture, history, and the world, all of which are at odds with the pagan values we've unknowingly come to champion as Christians.

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