Biblical Race

Biblical Race

This is part 1 of what will be an ongoing series. Continue with part 2, if you enjoy this.

Christians are finally being drawn to the front lines of the decades-old war for the truth about race. The radical left's position boils down to two postulates:

  1. All races are equal.
  2. Any disparity between races is the result of systemic racism.

The friendly, loving right–including nearly every Christian & especially pastors–counter with these counter-propositions:

  1. All races are equal.
  2. Any disparity between races is NOT the result of systemic racism.

So the left points to non-Whites achieving dramatically lower test scores as proof of under-funding, fundamentally racist (read anti-non-White) institutions, and the inherent racism (read Whiteness) of such premises as truth, beauty, and a correct way to do things.

The right goes bonkers at the absurdity of such claims. Of course math isn't racist; it's a simple exposition of an underlying Truth of Creation. But they they fail to come up with any credible theory for why non-Whites achieve dramatically lower test scores.

The same plays out in earnings, health, and nearly every other quality of life measure. The left shouts these disparate outcomes can only be from external hate. The right shouts they should just pull up their pants and work harder.

Both groups are fools who go off the rails from their first premise. Here is the immutable truth of Creation:

  1. All races are not equal.
  2. Any disparity between races is the result of these inherent differences.

Race is not skin color or looks. Race is an immutable genetic property, inherited from our fathers. These differences manifest in myriad abilities like strength, endurance, intelligence, acclimatization, & diseases. All of these are heritable characteristics passed through our genes. Denialists love to say "there's no gene for race." That's entirely correct. Race is so fundamental that scientists have yet to find all the different parts of our DNA where God baked in the many differences.

Race is part of God's Creation. All men are descended from Noah through his sons Shem, Ham, & Japheth. We all have this in common. However there are three distinct people groups on Earth from their descendants.  How can this be? Because Noah's sons did not marry their sisters. The genes of other men from before the flood live on to this day through their wives.

After the flood, Shem's descendants settled in the East (Asia Minor & Asia). Ham's descendants settled in Africa. Japheth's descendants settled in Europe. Every single human being on earth is descended primarily from one of these three distinct people groups. This is a fact. It is a Scriptural fact. It is a scientific fact, borne out by modern genetics. Every human is descended from one man and three women. Genesis tells us why.

So when Christians falsely claim "all races are the same," they are denying the wisdom of our Creator and despising His Creation. It is not hateful to state the fact that African IQs are two standard deviations lower than European IQs. Until the last century or so, this manifestly obvious inborn disparity among different races didn't even make people uncomfortable, because no one had yet invented the lie that "all men are created equal."

As our culture became more and more pagan, we abandoned Truth piece by piece, replacing it with anti-Christian philosophy & foolish lies. Just like God's people in the Bible, we wanted to be more like our pagan neighbors. We wanted to appear wise to the world.

It is to the point in current year where otherwise faithful pastors in my own denomination either believe these lies, or worse: knowingly tell them in public to avoid the hassle of speaking the Truth. This is an act of spiritual suicide which also has profound earthly consequences.

Race is real. Race is immutable. Race is a gift from God. Race is not a property of the Fall. Distinct racial groups are intact before the Throne of God this very day. The gifts bestowed unequally among the races in God's Wisdom is cause for us to give thanks & praise.

Christians have a duty to God not to lie. Unrepentant lying will damn you. And guess what happens when you start speaking the Truth of the matter? You'll prevail against the radical left's lies. As long as they cling to two lies and you cling to only one of those same lies, you are every bit the liar that they are. Cast down both lies in disgust & repentance, and start listening to God again. This is an evil world. If your beliefs fit in today, you are rejecting God.

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